Burial Rules.

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Burial Rules.

Post  -Duplexity on Mon Dec 14, 2009 1:23 am

Global Rules

1) No Hacking or Glitching what so ever. You will be banned.

2) Respect your team members. Disrespecting will result in suspension.

3) You must be active. At least 3 days a week. If you are inactive for at least 3 weeks without notification, you will be removed.

4) You must register at burialgaming.tk This is a requirement in order to join Burial.

Clan War Rules

1) You must be on the Clan War roster in order to Clan War. If you are not you are not allowed to Clan War.

2) There must be an Administrator present during every Clan War.

3) Unprofessional acts will result in suspension to removal.
a) Team Killing. (Suspension-Removal)
b) Not following direct orders. (Suspension)
c) Leaving a match without reason. (Suspension)

4) Any member can be removed from the Clan War Roster. You can re-earn your spot by playing with the admins in Pick up Battles.

5) You must be on Ventrilo with your Clan War team.

Ventrilo Rules

1) If you are online you must be on Ventrilo.

2) Spamming will result in ventrilo suspension.

3) You must use your In-game name on Ventrilo.

4) Even if you don't have a microphone you must be on Ventrilo.

5) Arguing and/or repeated complaining will result in Ventrilo and Burial suspension.

6) Giving out the IP address to uninvited persons will result in Ventrilo suspension to the clan member. All uninvited guests will be banned.

Forum Rules

1) Post your topics in the proper place. (Ex. If you’re talking about a gun, post it in "The Gun Cage")

2) Misuse of the forums will result in forum suspension.

3) Posting Links to hack sites or ways to cheat will result in full removal from Burial

4) If your post is off topic to a subject matter it will be removed or put into the proper location.

5) Inappropriate posting of pictures will result in forum suspension. (If it is of a joking manner leave a warning in the topic title)

*These Rules were Taken and Edited from BurialGaming.Darkbb.com - Posted by Ralron*


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Re: Burial Rules.

Post  -MayheM on Wed Dec 16, 2009 12:13 am

Heeh i got hekz

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